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Zoning vs. Entitlements

Most people buy land for one main reason: to build on it. Buying land gives you the freedom to build your structure from scratch, just the way you want. But before you can start building your dream home or exciting new business you have to deal with zoning and entitlement.

In fact, zoning and entitlement are so important that they can completely put an end to your project, or at least press heavily on the pause button. Not understanding what these processes are can completely derail your big plans. Luckily, we’ve got the details on these processes and how you can get through them as stress-free as possible.




Zoning is a process and set of laws exercised by the local municipality that divides lands into zones for different uses. Land is usually split into zones for residential, industrial, or commercial use and limitations are set on size, density, and location of developments.


When you buy land, it might not be zoned for the use that you want and in that case, you’ll have to apply for rezoning. In other situations, you might not need the zone changed but instead just need certain adjustments made, in which case you have to go through the process of zoning variances.




Zoning determines what can be built on particular lands, but it’s only a part of a more complicated process known as entitlement. While zoning codes predetermine what certain land can be used for, entitlement is an approval that must be gained from the government to develop land the way you want.


A lot goes into the entitlement process, and before granting it governments will consider a plethora of variables including traffic impacts, environmental risk, and community responses to a potential development.


With so many components applying for entitlement is a time consuming and complex process but without it, your structure might be subject to fines, modifications, and even demolition.


The Best Way to Handle Land Entitlement


From land entitlement in Denver to all across the nation, laws are different so it’s important to work with a real estate development firm that knows all the ins and outs. Centerpoint provides outstanding entitlement services in Denver and nationwide. With Centerpoint on your side, you’ll have a hard-working team determined to get your approval as soon as possible.


Contact Centerpoint today and get started on your big development plans.

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