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What is the Purpose of Land Use Planning?

Planning is one of the most important parts of land development, and one would agree that before taking out the big guns and getting into the battlefield, it is important to first to understand the local jurisdictions  strategy, a workflow, and a basic plan to move forward. For any civil engineering project, understanding land planning is just as important. The main objective of land planning is understanding the local jurisdictions comprehensive plan, which includes a land use plan, which identifies rudimentary idea of the distribution, location, and character of the future land uses.

A comprehensive land use plan is not just a zoning document which shows different sections of any particular land but rather a future vision for how the land should be utilized.

What is included in a Comprehensive Land Use Plan?

As stated earlier, a comprehensive land use map, is much more than a map which shows different areas and zones. The land use plan is intended to promote overall development in the area with meticulous planning and vision. It considers land development which promotes public health, safety, and general welfare by providing efficiency and economy in the process of growth.

Among other things, the land use plan includes:

  • Policies for Land development & redevelopment
  • A basic framework showing different transect zones
  • Enhancement of transportation network with a multi-modal concept plan
  • Modification for key suburban corridors with retrofitting plans
  • 3 dimensions Conceptual planning for key locations in various contexts
  • Urban design/urban infill plan for Downtown & surrounding neighborhoods
  • Pro-Forma analysis for key parcel development along with Financing strategies and public-private partnerships programs
  • Strategic plans for sustainable development and environment protection
  • Strategies to provide affordable housing to the residents of the area
  • Preservation of the culture and history of the area

Why is Land Planning so Important with Land Development?

A Comprehensive Land Use Plan is very important for any community as it guides the development of the community which focuses on the conservation of its Social, Economical, Environmental and physical conditions. Centerpoint Integrated Solutions is a civil engineering firm with expertise in land development and the understanding of various jurisdictions comprehensive plans. If you are looking for a civil engineering firm in Denver to perform a complete due diligence and come up with a master land use plan, then you can contact CenterPoint Integrated Solutions today!

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