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Why Do I Need a Building Permit?

A Building Permit is an official document issued by the government or a regulatory body for the construction of a new building or renovation of an existing one. To put it simply, a building permit is needed to ensure that the construction or renovation process happening in the area is well within the legal standards and norms.

When and Why is a Building Permit Needed?

It is not necessary that you will require a building permit for every construction or renovation done in the area. Generally, for small repairs, modifications, and renovation, a building permit is not required. For simple repairs and renovation needs, you can hire professionals as they will get the job done easily. But if you are planning to do major changes to your home or surroundings then you will definitely have to apply for a building permit. CenterPoint Integrated Solutions is a major civil engineering firm in Denver which will take care of the complete construction and renovation process for you along with handling the permit process.

There are various different building permits which can be required considering the nature of the construction or renovation process. You will need to acquire a general construction permit to allow you the permission to start the construction but you may also need trade-specific permits for different part of the construction process.

Some of the building permits required for construction in Denver are:

  • Commercial building permit
  • Electrical Permit
  • Permit for installation of fire alarm
  • Access control permit
  • Commercial sign permit

How do I get a Permit?

To get any of the building permits, you will need to contact your local building officials and provide them with the plans for the project. If your project requires any of the permits then you will be provided an application form.

Note: Some jobs may require multiple permits and you will have to fill separate form for each requirement. It can be really hectic; hence it’s better to hire professionals who can take care of this additional responsibility. Contact CenterPoint Integrated Solutions today for help acquiring any required permits for construction.

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