Project Spotlight – Golden, CO

CenterPoint provides professional feasibility, entitlement, permitting and civil engineering services for CarMax Auto Superstores nationwide. Recently, CenterPoint completed their Golden, CO store.

Changes and opportunities that were faced, included:

  • Regional detention pond was undersized and not constructed correctly, required a full engineering redo of the pond to meet the capacity necessary for the development.
  • Fire/Emergency access to site is only served by one entrance for the entire Interplaza West development. The City was looking to CarMax to provide a secondary means of egress from the development by means of the CDOT ROW. After some negotiations with the City and Fire Dept, this requ
  • RAGE (Restriction Agreement and Grant of Easements) Amendments with Kohls and Home Depot to allow for additional off-site signage and the use of vehicle sales. This process was lengthy and took several rounds of negotiations to finally be granted approval.
  • Golden Green Menu. The City requires all new commercial developments to achieve points on their green menu to make the site more environmentally friendly. We worked with the City to establish the requirements for this site and were able to incorporate items that prototypical CarMax’s already have to save on the money needed to meet the required point value. Items like building automation, LED lighting and roof R value were used for points that are prototypical.

The store opened in February of 2018 on-time and on budget.


Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins is an amazingly diverse and exciting place in Colorado. From outdoor adventures to family fun, there’s always something to see and do. Residents and visitors can be found shopping, visiting a brewery, enjoying a concert, hiking, bicycling, strolling through Old Town and so much more. Business is constantly booming in Fort Collins and their population is growing consistently at 2% per year according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing metros in all of Colorado! When it comes to commercial real estate development in Fort Collins, the only call you need to make is to CenterPoint Integrated Solutions.

If you’re planning on building a commercial establishment, you need a civil engineering firm in Fort Collins that you can rely on. Civil engineers play a vital role in applying the mathematical and scientific expertise needed to build high quality, safe, reliable structures. CenterPoint is able to look at a commercial structure from a variety of crucial angles including feasibility, entitlements, cost estimates, subcontractor selection and management, as well as development management. No commercial construction project is ever without its roadblocks or hiccups, but CivilPoint minimizes them as much as possible, keeping you on time and within budget.

The first thing we do at CenterPoint is look at the entire scope of your commercial project and bring our 30 years of expertise to the table. Our goal is to save you time and money by establishing clear goals and a detailed timeline to keep everyone informed and on schedule. As your trusted Fort Collins civil engineer, we’ll conduct a thorough site assessment that includes permits, zoning, access, traffic impact, transportation and accessibility. We’ll also provide a conceptual site layout as well as landscape, drainage, and utility plans. The CenterPoint team will finish the assessment with a parking and access analysis and plan as well.

CenterPoint IS has a Key Staff with a combined 85 years of civil engineering experience and are highly educated and experienced. The staff meets regularly for trainings and to stay up to date on the latest advancements in the civil engineering field. CenterPoint has experienced tremendous growth, hiring three new managers in the last year and expanding its services to include Floor and Decor. In total, our commercial, retail, residential and solar projects have a combined retail value of close to $1 billion and we have worked in over 20 states.

Our past civil engineering projects at CenterPoint IS include Bella Energy Solar Facility, Bladium Sports Complex, CarMax Auto Superstores, and so many more. Our project portfolio highlights our work throughout Fort Collins and beyond including development, design, construction, project management, and engineering. Contact us at (303) 670-4111 or contact us online and a member of our team will set up a meeting with you at your earliest convenience to begin discussing your project.

Civil Engineers in Colorado Springs, CO

Civil Engineers in Colorado Springs, CO

After working in the fields of construction management and real estate development for many years, we ran into a number of issues. Namely, we found that civil engineering companies often lacked a certain familiarity with the needs of developers. Out of these experiences and challenges, we created CenterPoint Civil Engineering Services.

As our client, our goal is to provide you with engineering services that exceed any experience you’ve previously had. Thanks to a team of highly qualified career professionals, CenterPoint Civil Engineering Services is able to provide our clients with holistic solutions. We take every aspect of development into consideration, including questions of both design and cost. At CenterPoint, we consider ourselves to be a unique and highly skilled hybrid of “developer-engineers.”

Our team has more than 30 years of collective experience in real estate and development, which allows us to offer our clients solutions that save both time and money. Other engineering firms lack the real world, on-the-ground experience that we bring to the table.

CenterPoint’s mission is simple: to understand our client’s needs in full, including the sum total of their operational, functional, and financial goals, and to do whatever is necessary to facilitate the realization of those goals.

Our Approach to Civil Engineering

As a solutions-focused company, we at CenterPoint like to “begin with the conclusion.” In other words, we start every project by laying out exactly what our client’s goals are. From there, we determine what we need to do in order to bring those objectives to fruition. Our next step involves delimiting the steps necessary to get from here to there, and ensuring that we can measure and quantify our progress along the way. Our considerable experience in the industry has led us to conclude that this approach is key to ensuring the long term success of every project we undertake.

As the premiere civil engineering company in Colorado Springs, CO, CenterPoint will:

  • Ensure timely adherence to your project’s schedule
  • Work to create measurable benchmarks, and ensure that all stakeholders stay on track
  • Maintain clear and open communication amongst our team and with you, our client
  • Accurately and comprehensively document each stage of the project
  • Record and report regular updates to the project budget

CenterPoint Civil Engineering Services

At CenterPoint, our services include (but are not limited to):

Site Assessment

  • Transportation
  • Analysis of Traffic Impact
  • Access to Site
  • Zoning Issues
  • Permitting and Site Entitlements

Layout and site design

  • Conceptual layout
  • Parking and Access Issues
  • Site Development
  • Landscape, Drainage, and Utility Planning

Stormwater Management

  • Floodplain Analysis
  • Easements
  • Coordination with Agencies

Grading and Earthwork

  • Permitting
  • Plan for Grading

Construction Administration

  • Construction Observation
  • Permitting
  • Sub-Consultant Coordination and Management


If you’re in need of civil engineering services in Colorado Springs, CO, or anywhere in the United States, contact us today for a consultation.

CenterPoint Holds Annual Meeting at Mountain Retreat

The CenterPoint team closed the office on September 28th and 29th to focus on the company’s strategic plan for 2018. The meeting, held at Devil’s Thumb Ranch in Tabernash, Colorado included two half days of company meetings in a conference room with mountain views. Afterward, the team had plenty of time for zip-lining; horse shoes; pool or spa, and in the evening enjoyed drinks and dinner in one of Colorado’s best restaurants. Principal Greg Toler facilitated the meeting which included reviewing personality profiles of the staff; establishing vision and mission statements; and creating new business development strategies for 2018.  Submitted by Lisa Kissler, 11/2/1

















CenterPoint Hires 3 New Managers

CenterPoint Integrated Solutions recruited 3 key employees’ due to recent growth. Lisa Kissler and Michael White, PE joined the Civil Engineering Division, and Jim Langel, PE joined the Development Services Team.

“The additional staff will assist in fulfilling CenterPoint’s vision to become known as the development services and civil engineering firm with the best customer experience,” said President Greg Toler. “We were able to achieve our hiring goals in this tough competitive market by finding proven people who fit into our company culture,” he said.

Lisa Kissler joined as the director of business development for the Civil Engineering Division of the company. She has over 10 years of new business development experience growing commercial real estate clients nationally and is now responsible for expanding the civil engineering market sector in Colorado and neighboring states. Kissler brings extensive knowledge of the Denver construction market having moved to Denver in 1986. She holds a B.A. from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Michael White, P.E. is a civil engineering project manager with over 12 years’ experience in land development, transportation, and utility infrastructure design. White successfully manages civil engineering projects throughout the Denver Metro area and the greater Front Range region, guiding projects from inception to final occupancy. He specializes in residential and commercial site design, with a strong emphasis on value engineering to realize developers’ visions in a practical and cost-effective manner. He holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Drexel University.

Jim Langel, P.E. has more than a decade of engineering, managing and constructing complex projects. As a development manager, Jim will manage the successful feasibility and site development for key national clients. He is a professional civil engineer in multiple states with an emphasis in site development and underground utilities. Jim holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Iowa, and is currently pursuing an M.S. in Engineering Management from the University of Kansas.

CPIS Expands Services to Floor & Decor

CenterPoint Integrated Solutions (CPIS), expands its services for Floor & Decor.  CPIS provides professional feasibility, entitlement, permitting and civil engineering services for Floor & Decor nationwide.  Our services are used by Floor & Decor to assist in site selection, lease negotiations and budget development that result in store openings.   To date CenterPoint performed various Development and Civil Services at nearly 30-locations, comprising of over 2,000,000 square feet (SF) from coast to coast.  After Floor & Decor selects a location; CenterPoint leads a team of consultants to coordinate the feasibility process. Our development team takes projects through entitlements by managing the preparation and submittal of the necessary documentation to obtain local approvals from the respective jurisdictions. As a trusted partner, CenterPoint presents at public City, County or local agency meetings on behalf of the client.

Another Successful Year for CenterPoint

CenterPoint Integrated Solutions, LLC (“CPIS”) enjoys another successful year.  In 2016, CPIS managed over 30 commercial, retail, residential and solar projects comprising nearly 1,000,000 square feet of development with a total real estate value exceeding $300,000,000.  The projects were spread over 20 States, from Washington to Florida.  CPIS delivered projects on time and within budget.  Services provided by CPIS included pre-feasibility, feasibility, securing entitlements, civil engineering, cost estimating, subcontractor selection and management and development management.  Additionally, CPIS provided private clients with Site Sourcing/Site Selection, Purchase and Sale Negotiation and Financial Pro Forma Development.  We continue to grow our professional skill set and customer base while maintaining the highest quality deliverables to our existing clients.   This would not have happened without the trust of our patrons or our dedicated staff!

CenterPoint goes back to school…Cooking School!

CenterPoint’s Team and Significant others had a great evening learning to cook at STIR Cooking School located in the Highlands area of Denver.  Chef Katy and her team demonstrated how to prepare and cook an old world Italian meal.  The atmosphere, libations and food were terrific and CenterPoint enjoyed the evening with friends who also happen to be co-workers!  The event was also a celebration of anniversaries and birthdays.  Greg Toler presented gifts for years of Service for Jake Hertz (9); Fred Banfield (5); Amanda Steinle (5); and John Thatcher (2), along with presenting first year anniversary Monte Blanc pens to Stacey Haggerson, Jarrett Laraway, and Austin Allen.

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CenterPoint Uses Drone Technology to Enhance Real Estate Development

CenterPoint Integrated Solutions, LLC (“CPIS”) is under contract to develop approximately 1.5-acres of unimproved land in Lakewood, CO.  The proposed development will be approximately 18,000 square feet (“SF”) of retail and office product, including a rooftop patio.  CPIS is marketing full service restaurant users as an anchor tenant.  The tenant would occupy the western endcap of the retail building and would also have access to an approximate 2,000 SF rooftop patio with second floor enclosed bar.  Prospective tenants liked the location but were concerned the 2nd floor patio would not attract customers. The users could not envision the views as no other 2nd story buildings or patios are in the submarket.

Providing an answer to the “is there a view worth paying for” question, CPIS contracted Hawk Aerial to take pictures using a drone equipped with high definition cameras.  The drone was brought to the project site and took pictures from each end cap location of the proposed mixed-use building.  Pictures were taken at 20-feet above ground surface facing east, south and west to document actual views from the future second story retail and patio spaces.  The photographs were well received by end users and investors alike and helped pushed the project forward.

For more information on Hawk Aerial please contact Phillip Moffett at 720 454 7468.  Additional information can also be found at their website: