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Construction management is the backbone of any real estate development project. And that’s why real estate development firms turn to civil engineering firms to handle project details in Colorado and across the country. Civil engineers use their expertise to manage risks and control project costs. They’re dedicated to delivering a project that aligns with the proposed architectural design and exceeds client expectations.

Before Groundbreaking

Construction management begins even before the first dirt is turned over on a site. Based on project specs from the real estate development firm, a civil engineering firm handles scheduling, the design team selection, and document coordination. Having all of these foundational pieces of the project in place ensures a smooth, collaborative process going forward.

The Heart of Construction Management

Once a project gets underway, the real construction phase begins. Activities like obtaining building permits and contracting with construction firms can be time-consuming. Rely on your civil engineering team to navigate the sometimes conflicting and confusing permitting processes to ensure approvals and any necessary variances are granted promptly so as not to delay the project. A construction manager can also function as the primary point of contact for construction issues, monitoring progress and resolving common issues as they come up. As the project nears completion, the construction management role includes tying up all the loose ends, like coordinating any required inspections and inspection reports so that the project can be signed off on and considered complete.

Why Hire a Construction Manager?

Real estate development projects have a lot of moving parts. With one point of contact to oversee the process and troubleshoot common problems, it can make the entire project move forward with minimal delays and cost overruns. Construction managers free up real estate developers to concentrate on the aspects of the deal that they do best, while they take a hands-on role in day-to-day project management. CenterPoint‘s construction managers are adept at identifying potential problems and workable solutions in a time-sensitive environment, mindful of the money and reputation riding on each and every real estate development project, whether you’re in Colorado or elsewhere. Contact us today to see how we can make your next real estate development project run more smoothly.

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