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Designing a Workspace for a Multigenerational Workforce

The oldest members of Generation Z, at age 22 or so, are ready to set out into the world to take their rightful places in the working world, as generations before them have done. Which makes it a good time for an architectural engineering reminder about how important it is to have a work space in Denver that welcomes all employees, regardless of which generation they belong to.

Why Real Estate Development Firms Need to Remember This

It’s only recently that social scientists and analysts like those at the Pew Research Center have decided to formally declare a semi-official date range for the Millennial generation and Generation Z, the one right behind it. However, the unique attributes of Generation Z as a cohort may have a strong influence on work space design. For example, this is the first generation that came of age in a time where so much of their lives were lived online. They’re truly comfortable with technology in a way that surpasses all those who’ve come before, and it show in how they approach their personal and professional lives.

The Importance of Multigenerational Work Spaces

Even though Generation Z is the new kid on the block – almost literally – there’s no reason to believe that Millennials, Gen Xers, Baby Boomers, and even still-working members of the Silent Generation are going anywhere soon. A well-designed workspace needs to accommodate all of them. From generational preferences in work style, access, collaboration, and more, civil engineering firms must anticipate the varied needs, expectations, and assumptions of multiple generations working in the same space.

A Plan for Architectural Engineering Success

When civil engineering firm and commercial real estate development firms work together to ensure all generations feel welcome at work, it goes a long way in cultivating collaborative relationships among employees. Employees who feel supported by colleagues, no matter their age, are more apt to be engaged with their jobs and report higher job satisfaction rates. While there’s no guarantee that employees from different populations won’t sometimes experience intergenerational conflict, embracing designs that encourage workers to see what they have in common may help. CenterPoint Integrated Solutions is the commercial real estate development firm you need to create your multigenerational workforce. Contact CenterPoint Integrated Solutions today!

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