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As you plan and execute civil engineering projects, you may find that the number of agencies and contractors involved grows. Many factors require outside monitoring, assessment and approval at various stages of development. This is where agency coordination comes in, and where a civil engineering firm can provide not only peace of mind but proactive assistance in keeping a project on-time and within budget.

How Civil Engineering Firms Assist with Agency Coordination

The civil engineering team assigned to your commercial real estate project is dedicated to shepherding it through all of the processes, procedures, and approvals needed for commencement, progress, and completion. The civil engineer acts as a centralized point of contact and information. They keep track of applications, supporting materials, submissions, and appeals, if necessary. There are a lot of moving parts in any commercial real estate project and a civil engineering firm functions as a safety net that holds it all together.

An Example: Stormwater Management

Effectively managing the rainfall and runoff is a critical part of a commercial real estate project’s ultimate success. Pooling or standing water can have a negative effect on structures and areas surrounding the property. Contaminated runoff can pollute local waterways causing environmental disaster. A civil engineering firm can take the role of agency coordination to ensure that all elements of the project take stormwater management into account, from initial architectural drawings to issuance of a certificate of occupancy.

A civil engineering firm will work with you to develop a stormwater management plan that meets established local, state, and federal regulatory standards while still taking into account your aesthetic plans for the site, your budget, and the best ways to mitigate potential risks. Your civil engineering team will lead agency coordination of document preparation, review, and submission, including maps, inspections, monitoring data, and waiver applications or approvals.

Why Choose CenterPoint Integrated Solutions?

When you have a big commercial real estate project on the horizon, turn to a qualified civil engineering firm for expert guidance in agency coordination. CenterPoint Integrated Solutions has the knowledge and insight to work collaboratively with contractors, agencies, government regulators, and industry leaders to help you achieve your commercial real estate goals.

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