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Planning a commercial real estate development project is a significant investment of time and money. A conceptual site layout designed with civil engineering expertise is a key part of the process, and critical to project budgeting and planning. Conceptual site layouts are a good way to think through construction steps and needs to expedite construction while minimizing costs.

Purpose of Conceptual Site Layout

A site layout is essential to achieve effective utilization of space as well as project planning. Construction management is easier when heavy equipment needs are taken into account from the beginning of the planning process. Conceptual site layout includes consideration and placement of temporary storage for construction materials and temporary roads or access points to the property for construction purposes. These factors keep the construction process moving smoothly and ensure cost-effective logistics.

Why Effective Conceptual Site Layout is So Important

In addition to its role in managing costs and project timelines, conceptual site layouts are critical to managing risk. Keeping unauthorized people from accessing the site during construction is important for their own safety as well as developers’ and contractors’ liability. Including fencing in conceptual site layout can appropriately control access. And prior to electric service being installed on a new site, arranging for temporary lighting is necessary; beyond the lights needed for contractor work, keeping the site well-lit after dark can reduce the chances of incidents related to unauthorized access. Conceptual site layout can also improve workplace health and safety and reduce liability because first aid and emergency equipment are readily accessible.

Skilled Conceptual Site Layout Development

Our experienced team of civil engineers and architects draw on years of nationwide experience to develop your conceptual site layout. We work closely with developers and other stakeholders to ensure completeness of the conceptual site layout in service to project goals while being mindful of budget and timeline concerns. Civil engineering encompasses the seamless inclusion of a site’s natural features to lessen environmental impact and costs, and this may also have a positive effect on project timeline. Civil engineers also have the ability to make revisions in case the scope of the project changes as it moves through planning and execution process.

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Choose CenterPoint Integrated Solutions to enable smooth and responsive project development and management process. While we are a civil engineering firm near you, we offer diverse experience based on projects across the country. The skills of the civil engineers, architects, and other industry professionals on our team translates into in-depth understanding of common and uncommon obstacles and how to overcome them effectively. Minimize your risk while maximizing your return on investment with civil engineering services, including conceptual site layout. Contact CenterPoint Integrated Solutions today!

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