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Grading plans are as essential to commercial real estate planning in Colorado as permits and variances, and while they may not seem as high-profile, they are most certainly as critical. Proper grading of a site ensures that any commercial real estate project remains viable throughout its lifetime of usage. At sites where the existing ground isn’t of the proper type or composition to support improvements, remediation based on recommendations from the civil engineering firm can resolve the issue. Solutions can include removing and replacing problem soil with fill that’s engineered for stability and deposited with precision techniques for safety and reliability.

The Role of Civil Engineers in Grading

Civil engineers assess and identify subsurface conditions at a proposed commercial real estate site. They carry out materials analysis and look over the history of site grading, providing clients with an overall analysis of stability and recommendations on the performance of cut slopes and fill slopes. They take into account past, current, and potential movement of the ground and the contributing factors to slope failures in that area.

When slope failure has already happened, a commercial real estate firm in Colorado can turn to civil engineers to evaluate the slope hazards and building damage; in these cases, civil engineering firm can also offer recommendations for urgent repairs and as well as long-term stabilization efforts.

When to Call on Civil Engineers for Grading Plans

For many commercial real estate projects in Colorado, modifications to soil are needed before grading can smooth out slopes and contours in advance of construction. Good grading plans prepare the site for its intended use, such as commercial office buildings, retail space, subdivisions, roads, parks, athletic fields, and more. Grading plans may also be needed as part of projects that control erosion, grub and clearing land, backfill, and demolish existing structures.

CenterPoint Integrated Solutions is a team of qualified professionals working collaboratively to address all commercial real estate needs, including site grading. They can proactively anticipate issues and confer with colleagues to develop a holistic solution that’s rooted in standard professional practices and techniques that balance all aspects of development, design, and construction. Based on more than three decades of collective experience across industries, nationwide, CenterPoint Integrated Solutions’ civil engineers align their work with clients’ operational and functional goals. Contact CenterPoint Integrated Solutions today to launch your next project!

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