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Your civil engineering project might have the perfect location, optimal design, and be a conceptual masterpiece, but as Pablo Picasso once put it, “action is the foundational key to all success.”

At CenterPoint Integrated Solutions, we’re an industry-leading civil engineering firm, who can take the blueprints of your most extensive development projects and create a reality that exceeds all your expectations. Our expansive set of resources and skills are at your disposal and ensure streamlined success.

The construction and fulfillment of your project will likely require complex orchestration. But, with 85 years of experience in the industry, there are few things we haven’t had to handle.

With consistent availability and open communication, we’re here to help you excel through every stage of construction administration, including:


Permits are civil engineering 101. Every site has to comply with the town, city, state, and federal regulations. These codes maintain the quality of our communities and urban landscapes.

At CenterPoint, we understand these rules and regulations intricately. Having the know-how enables us to review your plans, make necessary adjustments, and collect the appropriate and required permits for your project, all while saving you valuable time and avoiding stress.

Construction Observation

After your project permits are approved and the construction process begins, there is still the crucial need for quality management with a keen watch.

Along the course of any project, there’s the possibility of bumps in the road. For example, certain materials may suddenly become unavailable, revisions may need to be made to the original plans, and more.

With our civil engineering professionals on your side, any obstacle is easily overcome.

You never know what can go wrong, so protect your valuable time by partnering up with our reputable team of experts.

Sub-Consultant Management and Coordination

Civil engineering encompasses many different branches, and successful projects require the skills of an array of professionals. An architect’s role is going to differ from that of a structural engineer’s, and a structural engineer’s job will vary from that of a cost consultant’s.

Our civil engineering team is full of elite and diverse talent with reliable connections to industry innovators and leading consultants.

Every component of your project will receive the most exceptional quality of workmanship, and our resources here at Centerpoint Integrated Solutions will be utilized to the fullest extent for all your civil engineering needs.

We believe that success is in the details. And with our team on your side, you can trust that every detail will be expertly crafted.

Contact Us For Civil Engineering In Colorado!

Getting your project off the ground is a big deal, and it’s an essential part of the development process. You are going to need permits, construction observation, sub-consultant management/coordination, and so much more.

For the greatest results, you want reliable and trustworthy services every step of the way. Contact CenterPoint Integrated Solutions today, for all of your construction administration needs in Colorado and nationwide!

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