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Civil Design Concepts

A development project, whether it’s a new construction or changes and additions to existing property, all start with your brilliant idea. The right civil engineering firm turns that idea into a tangible reality through a complex, multi-step, and multi-disciplinary process. The foundation of this process is a civil design concept. These design concepts shape the future of a structure and understanding what goes into them can help you choose a civil engineering firm that will go above and beyond to create yours.

What is a Civil Design Concept?

Once a civil engineering firm has developed a complete understanding of your desired project outcome as well as budget and jurisdictional requirements, architects and engineers collaborate to move from the what of your project, to the how.

The design concept stage of a project is carried out to produce solutions that will turn ideas into structures while focusing on reducing the chance of error, maximizing cost-effectiveness, and assessing all associated risks. A wrong choice made during the concept design phase can have negative impacts on the overall project that cost you valuable time, money, and effort. That’s why a civil engineering firm that focuses on exceptional project management is essential in this and all steps of development.

A Combined Effort

Civil design concepts usually involve multiple solutions and alternatives that are assessed until the optimal solution is agreed on. This is where a civil engineering firm uses its diverse team of architects and various engineering disciplines to tackle the form, function, scale, mass, and aesthetics of a structure by combining science, mathematics, and art.

Because this phase is the preliminary blueprint of the entire project and involves the skill and knowledge of an array of professionals, the list of factors considered goes on and on. Here’s an idea of just a few of the many factors considered by a civil engineering firm during this phase:

  • Topography of the site
  • Site Layout
  • Optimal grading and drainage
  • Utility locations
  • Circulation on site
  • Access routes
  • Physical appearance

The Best Civil Engineering Firm For All Your Projects

At CenterPoint Integrated Solutions, we’re dedicated to reaching your goals. We make sure our engineers are equipped with a clear understanding of what you want so they can collaborate to design and create structures that surpass your expectations. For a civil engineering firm in Denver and nationwide, contact CenterPoint Integrated Solutions today to see how we can help you reach all your development goals.

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