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CenterPoint Uses Drone Technology to Enhance Real Estate Development

CenterPoint Integrated Solutions, LLC (“CPIS”) is under contract to develop approximately 1.5-acres of unimproved land in Lakewood, CO.  The proposed development will be approximately 18,000 square feet (“SF”) of retail and office product, including a rooftop patio.  CPIS is marketing full service restaurant users as an anchor tenant.  The tenant would occupy the western endcap of the retail building and would also have access to an approximate 2,000 SF rooftop patio with second floor enclosed bar.  Prospective tenants liked the location but were concerned the 2nd floor patio would not attract customers. The users could not envision the views as no other 2nd story buildings or patios are in the submarket.

Providing an answer to the “is there a view worth paying for” question, CPIS contracted Hawk Aerial to take pictures using a drone equipped with high definition cameras.  The drone was brought to the project site and took pictures from each end cap location of the proposed mixed-use building.  Pictures were taken at 20-feet above ground surface facing east, south and west to document actual views from the future second story retail and patio spaces.  The photographs were well received by end users and investors alike and helped pushed the project forward.

For more information on Hawk Aerial please contact Phillip Moffett at 720 454 7468.  Additional information can also be found at their website:

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