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How Baby Boomers are Changing the Long-Term Care Industry

As the Baby Boomer generation ages, they’re driving trends in the long term care. They are a powerful force in terms of sheer numbers, which is helping propel change. And many of them expect to enjoy amenities in their long term care homes similar to what they enjoy now, while they’re still independent. Here’s a quick look at how their needs and wants may affect real estate development in Denver in particular.

Aging in Place

People naturally want to delay moving out of the homes they’ve lived in for years. That loss of independence can be traumatic, to some. For that reason, many Baby Boomers are interested in making sure their Denver homes can accommodate any changes in lifestyle and mobility as they get older. For example, they may expect real estate developers in Denver to build homes, apartments, and condos that feature open floor plans, accessible kitchens and baths, and modified fixtures to reflect their changing mobility and dexterity.

The New Nursing Home

Baby Boomers who can no longer live independently and must move to an assisted living or nursing home facility are still intensely interested in maintaining a sense of independence, even though it’s likely to be on a smaller scale. Any real estate development in Denver that includes gathering areas for socializing and exterior spaces that function like porches and stoops where residents can personalize their homes are likely to be highly valued. Real estate developers are also likely to be asked to create common dining areas that feel more like restaurants and less institutional in style and decor, as well as upscale amenities like spas and gyms for residents to use.

A Whole New World

Given their reliance on modern technology, the long term care facilities of the future will need to offer the same robust tech capabilities that Baby Boomers are used to in their own homes. Smart home technology is just the beginning. Baby Boomers are likely to expect decor, lighting, landscaping, architecture, and other features to meet or exceed the expectations they held for their own homes.

Contact a Real Estate Development Expert Today

While no one is eager to get old, it seems like Baby Boomers in particular are a generation that’s heavily invested in maintaining their independence for as long as possible, and when they can’t, moving someplace that’s as home-like as possible. Real estate development in Denver have a special opportunity to create homes that foster communities for Baby Boomers.
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