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Over $400,000 Saved by CenterPoint Integrated Solutions

Over $400,000 saved in site preparation and grading costs by CenterPoint Integrated Solutions, LLC (“CPIS”).  In late 2015 CPIS was contracted by our client to deliver a highly visible pad ready site in Waterbury, CT. The site was strategically located to achieve our client’s growth and expansion goals. The challenge, the site needed a massive amount of earthwork, over 100,000 cubic yards (“CY”) cut to fill, to gain the maximum usable area.  CPIS developed a plan and scope that included:

  • Coordinating with federal and local environmental agencies and officials, to integrate environmental and soil contamination issues and wetlands permitting to obtain project approval.
  • Performing earthwork early and during winter months to take advantage of cheaper contractor pricing and fuel discounts.
  • Improving site layout to gain nearly 0.5-acres of developable land.
  • Integrating the removal and processing of over 50,000 CY of rock material for export.

Through innovative project management by CPIS, the rough pad will be delivered to our client this summer, shaving 2-3 months off our client’s schedule.  The original contract award was $3.5-million.  CPIS saved our client over $400,000 or 11.5% of original budget.

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$250 Million of Real Estate Managed by CenterPoint in 2015

CenterPoint Integrated Solutions, LLC (“CPIS”) enjoys another successful year.  In 2015, CPIS managed 13 commercial and retail projects comprising nearly 500,000 square feet under roof with a total real estate value of approximately $250,000,000.  Services provided by CPIS included pre-feasibility, feasibility, securing entitlements, civil engineering, cost estimating, subcontractor selection and management and development management.  The projects were spread out over 9 states.  From Connecticut to California, in some of the most challenging municipalities, CPIS delivered.  In some cases, full site plan approval was received in less than 3 months.  We are proud of our team and thankful for the opportunities our clients have entrusted to us.

“As I look back over the past year for all you have done and continue to do for CarMax, it doesn’t matter if its angry neighbors or tough development standards you are always there to crush it!”  – CarMax

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CenterPoint Integrated Solutions is your trusted partner in real estate development. We provide our clients;

  • Comprehensive project management, from inception through construction
  • Feasibility and due diligence studies
  • Civil design and solutions through our ability to identify and mitigate challenges at the beginning

Additionally we develop real estate for the commercial, retail and industrial markets.  For more information please contact Jarrett Laraway at 303.679.6971 or email