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How to Attract and Keep Tenants

In its most basic form, you run a business. You provide a service to your tenants. So they’re more than tenants, they’re actually your clients. And that elevates the relationship beyond them writing you a check every month and you making sure the light bulbs get changed. The civil engineering firm that worked on your Denver development project ensured you have all the pieces you need for a successful venture; now it’s up to you to make the most of it.

Be Responsive

Today’s business and consumer culture influences expectations, and most people’s expectation is that things are done quickly. A timely response to a request, even if it’s to let someone know that you’ll be on it tomorrow, goes a long way in cultivating a positive relationship. Think back to when you hired a company for civil engineering or other work; did your opinion of them change based on how responsive they were? Good communication helps your tenant see you as a valuable resource. Make sure that everyone in your organization has that same philosophy when it comes to meeting client needs.

Be Seen

Even in this age of instant communication, meeting someone in person is important. Be someone that your tenants recognize. Be accessible to their questions, comments, and concerns. Really listen when they talk to you. If you have amenities that aren’t resonating with your tenants, do something about it. Talk to a civil engineering firm if necessary to see what your options are with regard to making changes or improvements. While it isn’t always possible to make all of the tenants happy all the time, remember that these are the people who use the space, and their feedback may include important things that you don’t see from your perspective.

Be Involved

The more you can do to foster a community relationship among tenants and neighbors, the more likely it may be that you’ll rarely have a vacancy; and when you do, it will be filled quickly. Look for engaging and relevant activities, volunteer days, community service opportunities, and other ways to encourage connection with your tenants and among your tenants. Don’t forget how important word of mouth is in developing a good reputation in the community.

Contact a Civil Engineering Firm Today

Part of attracting and keeping tenants in Denver is being a responsive and engage building owner or manager. Civil engineering can only take your building so far; the rest is up to you and the team you put together. Contact CenterPoint Integrated Solutions today for help capturing and keeping tenants at your location!

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