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Can Click-and-Collect Help Boost Your Sales?

If you’re looking for a way to boost sales for your company in a cost effective way, click-and-collect offers both online and brick-and-mortar stores some exciting possibilities. This method of interacting with consumers allows shoppers to browse and purchase items online for in-person pickup at a physical location. Merchandise is usually picked and packaged for pickup within a few hours, and sometimes in as little as 60 minutes.

Big Retailers Commit to Click-and-Collect

Among the big retail companies committing to this shop online/pickup in-person model in their upcoming commercial real estate projects are Nordstrom and Walmart, according to a recent CNN reports. What’s more, financial services company Cowen says that roughly 15% of consumers are already shopping this way, and sales for the click-and-collect model may reach $35 billion annually in 2020.

How This Model Helps Your Company Stand Out in Denver

A primary driver for offering consumers the opportunity to pickup online purchases in-person is convenience. It offers the same ease as online shopping but without the several days’ wait for delivery. No longer are consumers tied to a company’s store hours when they want to shop; no longer are shoppers beholden to delivery services and the potential for delays. In addition, when customers arrive in the store to pick up their online purchases, they may also buy additional items, which increases a retailer’s revenue even more.

Real Estate Considerations

Commercial real estate firms that have brick-and-mortar stores in the pipeline may want to think about including access to click-and-collect services in their designs. In addition to having in-store space to accommodate these services, real estate firms may want to revise in-store traffic and parking lot designs to ensure efficient access for customers that gets them in and out quickly.

While click-and-collect may still be a new concept to some shoppers, and some retailers, too, forward-thinking commercial real estate firms in Denver may want to consider the ways in which preparing for this service can better serve customers while boosting company sales. The trend toward click-and-collect service shows no signs of slowing down, and commercial real estate firms would do well to evaluate whether or not it’s relevant to their clients’ upcoming projects.

Sales Strategies to Help Entice Wealthier Clientele

Companies typically strive to grow their sales through a variety of channels, and discount retailer Dollar General is no different. Recent reports suggest that it aims to attract customers with more disposable income by rolling out housewares and kitchen items, with fresh produce and private label cosmetics to come, according to shopping centers trade group ICSC. While it made its fortune on low-margin items like personal care products, cleaning supplies, and other household basics, the company now seeks to increase the income that comes from higher margin merchandise and added on-site services like FedEx drop off and pick up, as well as Western Union wire transfers.

Two Ways to Increase Sales

Dollar General is pursuing an array of strategies to increase sales, and among the most powerful among them may be an expanded product line and expanded services. By offering consumers a greater variety of products that they’re likely to need but would have otherwise had to go someplace else for, the company is more likely to keep those spending dollars in the store. The same goes for common services, like package pickup and drop-off and wire transfers. By encouraging customers to spend more time in the store, retailers can subtly encourage consumers to spend more money.

How Denver Commercial Real Estate Firms Can Help

Companies that want to increase sales should communicate this to their commercial real estate firm in Denver when upcoming projects are still in the planning stages, whether it’s for renovations, remodels or new constructions; and in cases where companies don’t bring it up, commercial real estate firms should ask their clients about it. A commercial real estate company can make sure that these goals are reflected in planning and development documents. From extra foot traffic to efficient floor plans and parking lots to handle increased visitors, real estate professionals in Denver are a great resource.

Booking the services of a commercial real estate firm in Denver early in the planning process can help Denver real estate projects get off the ground without delay. This kind of assistance can anticipate the floor plan, foot traffic, building materials needs, and more that go into a commercial real estate project where company and consumer needs and wants are balanced.