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Adding Value to Your Commercial Real Estate Space

While a commercial real estate space has inherent value as far as its form and function, there are several additional ways to add value, and perhaps the most noteworthy is by adding curated art. You don’t need to worry about your own art world connections, though. By working with a specialized art consulting firm, your Denver real estate project can gain the cache that high quality art delivers.

Developing Your Art Collection

In working with a civil engineering firm, do make your desires for art known. If there exists the possibility that you’ll be installing a mural or large suspended piece of art, special wall reinforcements may be needed. Or perhaps custom lighting will be needed beyond what’s in the original plans to showcase a collection of prints or sculptures. By bringing the art collection process into the site design and development process as soon as possible, any unique structural or architectural needs can be addressed at less cost than later changes might require.

How an Art Consulting Firm Can Help

Instead of brushing up on any college art classes you took or relying on friends for introductions to artists, an art consulting company can help you source the ideal pieces that fit your space and your budget. For example, paintings in the style of Old World Masters would nicely accent a building with traditional architecture and building materials while more avant garde pieces would complement a modern design that emphasizes steel and glass. With a good understanding of your target clients or tenants, an art consultant can find pieces that project an image that’s in keeping with your existing site plan and design.

Art Placement Matters

It’s not usually enough just to choose good art. It needs to be placed in areas where it will be seen and appreciated. Consider using art to tie together less-trafficked areas of your commercial real estate space. Art is also an ideal method of unifying multiple floors that include a variety of tenants under the umbrella of your building brand.

There’s a lot riding on your commercial real estate development. What better way to quickly add value without overhauling your site design and development process than by adding a curated art collection? By engaging with the right consulting firm who can collaborate with your civil engineering firm, you may find the ultimate value of your project increases more than you could have ever pictured.

How Offering Buy Online Pick-Up In Store Helps Boost Sales

At first glance, it can be hard to see how customers buying items online for in-store pickup can truly benefit a retailer. However, ISCS reports that retailers who offer this service have experienced a decrease in costs and an increase in sales. The phenomenon is called the halo effect of retail commercial real estate, and repeats itself across the country, not just in Denver.

Increased Trust and Security for Consumers

The presence of a brick-and-mortar retail store can provide online shoppers with a real feeling of security in their choice to buy online. Shoppers are already familiar with the retail store so they know the quality of their selections. And if by chance they are not satisfied, they can easily turn to the brick-and-mortar store for assistance or returns.

Denver Consumer Convenience

Shopping online with in-store pickup also offers consumers convenience that may be rewarded by continued loyalty. When prospective customers are pressed for time and shop online, the ability to come to the store and pick up their purchases that same day — sometimes within an hour — can be the factor that sways them into buying from a particular retailer.

In addition, some retailers will benefit because the customer’s visit to the store will result in additional sales through impulse purchases or planned purchases that could be made elsewhere but won’t because those items are available from the retailer they’re making an online purchase from. Creating that positive customer experience is invaluable; not only might the customer think of that retailer first next time, chances are good that she’ll talk up what a good experience it was with friends and acquaintances.

Easy In-Store Pickup

Customers who shop online and pick-up in-store expect that it will be quick and efficient to run in to the commercial retail space and collect their purchases. For that reason, it’s vital to work with a civil engineering firm on the site design and development necessary to include that function in the overall structure. No retailer wants to erode the goodwill that accompanies a happy customer being able to get exactly what they want the same day by failing at the last mile, in-store pickup.

Offering in-store pickup for online purchases can boost sales. When customers shop with a retailer they trust, who offers them a convenient service that enables additional purchases with ease, they may be more likely to spend money there. Customers see this service as an added value and a growing number of retailers see this service as a tool to increase the bottom line.