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How Brick and Mortar Stores Boost Online Sales

When a company decides to open a brick and mortar store through a commercial real estate firm, there are a lot of calculations that go into that, everything from the costs of construction to inventory and staffing. But one thing that many retailers might realize is just how well a physical storefront can support their online sales.

The Halo Effect

Retail stores have what’s called a halo effect that supports online shopping. The ability of consumers to shop at home and pick up locally in Denver helps. It’s the best of both worlds – the comfort and convenience of shopping at home with the immediate gratification of entering a store just to pick up your merchandise.

In-Person Shopping Leads to More Online Shopping

Many retailers have long complained that people browse their aisles only to later shop for those same items online. And while that might be true in some circumstances, it’s also been proven true that retailers with brick and mortar stores are likely to see higher web traffic on their own websites, according to research by the International Council of Shopping Centers. And when web traffic picks up, it’s more likely that it will also generate sales.

Build Trust

In many cases, people like to shop online with retailers that they know and trust. What better way to know and trust a retailer than by shopping in their physical store? It’s a great opportunity for brand engagement, where that good relationship can carry over into a positive online shopping experience, whether the customer has goods delivered to their home or they go to the store for pick-up.

How a Civil Engineering Firm Can Help

When retailers are considering building a brick and mortar store, it’s important to engage with not only a commercial real estate firm but a civil engineering. Civil engineers in Denver and beyond are well-qualified to determine the appropriateness of a proposed site for a given development plan. By having a strong development plan that supported behind the scenes by the technical expertise that can make those plans a reality, a brick and mortar store can, in addition to reaping the benefits of foot traffic and sales, achieve greater web traffic and online sales, too. contact CenterPoint Integrated Solutions today for help putting your plans into motion!

How Are You Building to Draw Diverse Crowds?

When commercial real estate firms work with civil engineering firms to plan a new project, there are numerous criteria to be considered, from site selection and planning to construction and development. But what about the people who will use the site? Of course you have tenants in mind, but thinking about your project holistically can deliver a greater success than you or your tenants could have dreamed of.

Planning for the People

It’s crucial to remember the importance of people when planning a commercial real estate development, the people who are going to use that site, whether it’s for work, to live, to play, or just to be. In Denver, like the rest of the country, people place a high value on experience. It drives where they spend their leisure time and their money. When commercial real estate developments that include retail space, residential space, office space, and public spaces meet that need for experience, they may be more likely to find success.

Think Outside the Box

When commercial real estate firms cultivate the right mix of tenants, from retailers to hotels, coworking spaces, and more, people will come because they want to be there. Take a big picture view of your commercial real estate development project instead of focusing on the details like ruling a tenant in or out based on say, credit rating. Yes, those things matter, but sometimes, taking a chance can deliver a greater return for both sides than either thought possible. With the right tenants, even if maybe they’re not ideal on paper, you can leverage that experience into community because people will flock to you. And that community will keep it going because a community takes care of its own.

Contact a Commercial Real Estate Developer Today

It’s great to build spectacular commercial real estate developments but without the people who will use them, is it really a success? Perhaps, thinking about who the final users of your commercial real estate development project might be earlier in the process can guide you toward making decisions that support those users. Civil engineering firms consider things that people need like green space and public transportation. Find a way to incorporate these elements in your design to attract diverse crowds. contact CenterPoint Integrated Solutions today to get the best of a civil engineering firm and a commercial real estate firm all in one.